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Please direct these to our news inbox at with the terms ‘Media Release’ or ‘Press Release’ in the subject line.

If we decide to cover a story and need more information, we will get in touch with you. There is no need to follow up. We get several press releases a day and we cannot cover all of them but we look to ensure our coverage is as wide and varied as is necessary.

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You may submit certain story ideas and tips to our news inbox at as well.

Please ensure you use the terms ‘Story Idea’ in the subject line of your email.

Do not contact us with confidential, secure or sensitive information. Receiving this information may put both us and you in breach of certain whistleblower legislation and we cannot unfortunately currently guarantee your protection as a source though we appreciate your trust in us.

Please get in touch with a reporter at a national masthead who will have the resources to assist you.

Funding queries

The NEMBC accepts funding via community, government and organisational grants and programs for the National News Service.

If you have any information or queries regarding funding for the National News Service, please get in touch with Russell Anderson at

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Access to this site and the scripts is granted to members of the NEMBC.

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